SEaMless intergation via the Zapier App

Do you want to Automate Commission Calculation
and integrate your CRM or accounting software
with Commissionly?

Commissionly integrates seamlessly with both CRM software and accounting software
via the Zapier app, including integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Xero, Insightly and Quickbooks, to name just a few.

We will work with you to make sure you get all the information you want
into your preferred system.

Commissionly - Sales Commission Management Software

Still using a spreadsheet to calculate your commissions?

Try Commissionly! Benefit from a free trial with a demonstration
on how to improve your sales performance management.



Commissionly software integrates with most systems instantly


We can customize to meet your needs regardless of the complexity of the commission structures you are working within


Your fit for purpose solution is quickly implemented with exceptional online training videos available to ensure maximum advantage for your team


Throughout the process Commissionly is at hand, providing a stress-free switch that will transform the way you pay commission and enhance your business

Features and Benefits

Sales Commission Software

The most complete solution you’ve been looking for

Varied Commission Structures

Use our simple wizard to create complex commissions whether they are flat or tiered, revenue, profit or product based.

Multicurrency Support

Choose a different currency for each sales rep or each deal as required, plus another one for your sales manager who receives overrides, all within the same system. 

Sales Splits

With Commissionly, you can create split commissions for any opportunity and divide commission between individuals at the product level too.

Manager Overrides

Manager overrides are easily handled within Commissionly. They can be setup as part of any commission plan in just a few simple steps.


Calculate the remaining draw amounts as well as commission pay-outs and display the final commission amount, with the remaining draw in a report each month.

Paid when Paid

Connect your invoicing or payment system and only pay out your commissions when you receive payment from customers.

Clawbacks & Adjustments

Commissionly easily handles adjustments and clawbacks simply enter the amount and Commissionly will calculate the change automatically.

Matrix Commissions

Use multiple variables to set up commission rates e.g. by product sold to different departments in the same company.

What our customers say


The ideal tool for calculating the commissions​

Roy D. M

Commissionly delivers a great product at a very reasonable price

Ryan Smith

Commissionly has really had a huge effect on my business

Quinn W.

A proven workflow for managing sales commissions

Ozzy K.

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