Varied Commission Structures

Want to stop spending hours working out the commission for your sales team? Use our simple wizard to create complex commissions whether they are flat or tiered, revenue, profit or product based. 

With Commissionly, you can create commission based on revenue or alternatively, calculate it based on your profit. Commissionly will take your cost and sales amounts and calculate the difference for a profit generated commission payment.

If you need to pay out your commissions based on product sales, Commissionly allows you to create a product based commission. 

Set the commission against product sales volume, product sales revenue or even  product category sales volume and product category sales revenue.

Sales Commission Software

The most effective sales commission schemes

The commission is an integral part of any sales department in an organisation. As the sales department is paramount to the success of a company, …

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Still using Excel to calculate sales commission? Think again!

While it’s true that Excel and other open-source spreadsheet apps are useful for collecting, tracking and manipulating data, the truth is that these programs were …

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Why opt for cloud-based sales commission management software?

Sales commission management and tracking software has been on the market for a while, but Commissionly is the only cloud-based service that is 100% focused …

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