Sales Splits

With Commissionly you can add and adjust sales splits for any opportunity. To credit team members who are directly responsible for opportunity revenue, Commissionly offers revenue splits, which always total 100% of the opportunity amount. To credit supporting team members, Commissionly allows overlay splits, which can total any percentage of the opportunity amount, including percentages over 100%.

Your Commissionly splits feature comes with one revenue split and one overlay split. If custom split types are enabled for your organisation, your admin can create three more split types. Your admin decides which types of splits always total 100%. To have custom split types enabled for your organisation, simply contact us. Your admin can also create custom fields for opportunity splits, allowing you to better track and store information about splits that you create for team members. ​

Sales Commission Software

Advantages of commission management software in sales

Large sales companies spend a lot of time each month calculating their commissions manually. Small businesses are not exempt from this laborious and inefficient task, …

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