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Sales commission software is an invaluable tool for both businesses and individuals. It helps business owners to calculate with ease how much they owe their sales personnel. It’s an essential component of sales planning that makes the process of tracking commissions easier.

Managing sales compensation and commissions is essential for any sales-oriented business organisation, and using the cloud-based software supplied by Commissionly ensures you can produce reports and generate commissions effortlessly.

Sales Commission Software

Seamless integration with your CRM and Accoutancy Software

Commissionly integrates seamlessly with both CRM software
and accounting software via the Zapier app.


The most complete solution you’ve been looking for

Use our simple wizard to create complex commissions whether they are flat or tiered, revenue, profit or product based.

Choose a different currency for each sales rep or each deal as required, plus another one for your sales manager who receives overrides, all within the same system. 

With Commissionly, you can create split commissions for any opportunity and divide commission between individuals at the product level too.

Manager overrides are easily handled within Commissionly. They can be setup as part of any commission plan in just a few simple steps.

Calculate the remaining draw amounts as well as commission pay-outs and display the final commission amount, with the remaining draw in a report each month.

Paid when Paid

Connect your invoicing or payment system and only pay out your commissions when you receive payment from customers.

Commissionly easily handles adjustments and clawbacks simply enter the amount and Commissionly will calculate the change automatically.

Matrix Commissions

Use multiple variables to set up commission rates e.g. by product sold to different departments in the same company.

The suspend user means a company can stop processing commission for a staff member who has left, but still keep their commission data up until their suspension date. When they are suspended it frees up the licence so it can be used for a new person. 

Catch Up

This feature allows you to reward your reps at the end of a target period if they under-achieved during part of that period, but then over-achieved in other parts of that period.

Target Required

Commissionly will automatically ensure that commissions are generated only once the specified revenue amount has come in through sales by your rep or reps.

Multistage Commissions

Our multi-stage commission feature allows you to pay commissions at different stages of your sales and delivery process to different payees. 

Unpaid Commissions

Use this feature to accurately calculate your unpaid commissions to assess your outstanding commitment in real time. 

Our criteria filtering feature allows you to set commissions to pay only when certain criteria are met, such as only when the type of business is ‘new’, or when the type of business is a ‘renewal’. 

Our Lookup Tables feature allows you to automatically match one set of data with another. This allows you to import data from your existing data source and link it with corresponding data in Commissionly. 

Delayed Payment

Our Delayed Payment feature allows you to schedule your commission payments for the period that suits your unique situation. If you want to pay one month, two months or more after commissions have been ‘earned’, you can use this feature to set it up automatically. 

Still using a spreadsheet to calculate your commissions?

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