A straight forward solution to commissions

A straight forward solution to commissions

A fast, affordable solution that can be tailored to meet your specific needs, backed by valuable business intelligence and personal service.

It’s easy to get started


Commissionly software integrates with most systems instantly


We can customize to meet your needs regardless of the complexity of the commission structures you are working within


Your fit for purpose solution is quickly implemented with exceptional online training videos available to ensure maximum advantage for your team


Throughout the process Commissionly is at hand, providing a stress-free switch that will transform the way you pay commission and enhance your business

Commissionly integrates seamlessly

With both CRM software and accounting software via the Zapier app

Compensation management software

Valued by Commissionly Customers

Features & benefits

Dashboard & Reporting

Intuitive dashboards and reports to give you the right information right when you need it.
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Manager Overrides

Manager overrides are easily handled within Commissionly. They can be setup as part of any commission plan in just a few simple steps.
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Adjustments & Clawbacks

Commissionly easily handles adjustments and clawbacks.
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Sales Splits

With Commissionly, you can create split commissions for any opportunity.
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Varied Commission Structures

With Commissionly, you can create commission based on revenue or alternatively, calculate it based on your profit.
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Recurring Commissions

With the click of a button, you can set your commission to recurring - annual, monthly or quarterly.
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Multi-currency Support

If you have sales reps located worldwide, our multi-currency feature can accommodate their need to see commissions in their local currency.
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No more need for excel formulas to calculate remaining draw amounts and the corresponding commission payouts for the month.
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CRM & Accounting Integrations

Commissionly integrates seamlessly with both CRM software and accounting software via the Zapier app.
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"Commissionly is undoubtedly the application that gives you the most complete solution you’ve been looking for. I like it a lot because it comes with an affordable price and the possibility to try it for free in order to familiarize yourself with it. This system also allows each employee to verify their commission earned from their sales in real time, letting them see how close they are to meet their objectives. This system issues complete reports that show you a historical record of the amount of commissions that have been made in the previous months to keep the accounting department up to date."
Roy D. M.
Business Analyst at NARS Cosmetics


The most effective sales commission schemes

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Setting Christmas Sales Goals

Most managers think they know how to set sales targets and quotas, but did you know that the formula should change depending upon the time of year that you are in? Buying habits change throughout the year, and when it comes to Christmas, more people are likely to spend money. Knowing this, managers should adjust

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How to add a little festive fun into your commissions

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