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Sales Commission Software

Our sales commission dashboard is where the sales reps or payees can find out all the information they need in relation to their past and future commission payments.

The sales commission dashboard is not only important to the sales people that use it, but also to the sales manager and compensation administrator/manager. Easy access to data, compensation calculated in real-time, leader boards to see who are your top performers.

Inaccurate commission calculations can cost a business money in the form of over-payments and recalculations.

Commissionly sales dashboards and reports does away with these potential costly issues.



Sales Managers

Managers can use the dashboard to view their sales reps’ past and present commission payments and stay on top of their team’s performance overall, including a leader board to monitor top performers.

The dashboard is very flexible and user friendly providing easy access to compensation data, calculated in real time. Managers can switch between different months or years, see data for any specific period and view by individual rep or the entire team.

At glance managers can get a full overview of sales and team performance to date.

Sales Reps

Commissionly enables your reps to access their own private dashboard, anytime, anywhere. They get an instant visual on their performance which serves as a great motivator. Sales reps can review commissions earned for any given month, track the total sales they’ve made, how they are performing against their quotas, and compared to the broader team.
Sales Commission Software
Sales Commission Software

The tools that every good sales commission dashboard should offer

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Unlike traditional spreadsheets which are susceptible to human error, automated software tracks and analyses raw sales data in a totally reliable and comprehensive way. However complex your operations, once the facts have been inputted, executives can tap in for an in-depth understanding of how their teams are achieving day-to-day, produce reports and commission payouts. Employees can rely on their sales data to accurately reflect their successes. When you stay informed, great things can happen.

Commission Reports

With our intelligent management data you can specify reports for different periods to see how your team has performed from one month to another or run reports that detail who is due their commission, exactly how much is to be paid and for which sales.

Custom Reports

If you have a special requirement for a report that is not already in our system, just let us know and we can create a custom report suited to your exact needs.

Opportunity & Product Reports

Monitor your opportunities, what stage they’re at and who is looking after them with Commissionly’s Opportunity reports tool. You can create reports based on specific products as well.

Sales Reports

Keep track of your sales with the useful sales reports that detail your total sales, sales by account or sales by individual rep.

Sales Commission Software

The sales commission dashboard: how it can benefit you

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