Commission Management software for Merchant service providers

Commissionly - the first Commission Management Software for ISOs and Merchant Service Providers

We start where Processing Companies finish – the transaction report.

The Commissionly system allows companies in the payment processing chain to attach internal data such as Merchant Names, Salespeople, Marketing partners or internal references etc to MIDs.

The system enables payment companies to monitor, calculate, and manage fee inflow from multiple sources and fee outflow to processing, sales, and marketing partners.

Commission Management Software for Merchant Service Provider

Removing Excel from equation

If Payments transaction data is being loaded into Excel to calculate what is owed by someone or to someone – Commissionly automates the whole process.​

Input your terminal sales commission matrix into our commission engine to automatically calculate commission rates on Terminal Type, Length Of Contract, Monthly Rental, or any other parameter you use.

Once the merchant has signed up to their rates plan you can use the Payments Commission rules engine to pay out the correct commission. You can upload your full matrix containing Credit Card Rates, Debit Card Rates, Per Transaction Rates, and then use any combination to pay out the correct commission.

Remove the hard work and headache of calculating the commissions paid to your agents and ISO’s on monthly transactions. Upload your transaction reports to a pre-mapped template each month and run your commission report in minutes instead of days.

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How can payment processing companies use Commissionly?

Processing companies

Importing Transaction Data and Mapping Merchant IDs to ISOs to calculate split payments.

Pros: The time saved by allowing Commissionly to manage residuals paid to our independent contractors. What used to be a manual process and took several days now takes a quarter of the time.

Glacier Payments

Mapping Transactions to MIDs to calculate Commission Splits for pay-outs to Internal Sales Teams and downstream Agents.

Processing commission payments takes a fraction of the time and there are never any errors. Commissionly is fast and easy to use – commission stress has been totally eliminated.

Ryan Smith - Payments 365 Inc.

Mapping Transactions to Account Managers / Sales Teams to calculate sales commissions.

Commissionly has helped me to manage my commission cost-effectively and it's really simple to use. I can import my data from any source which I found really useful and everything is easy to view on the charts they produce for you.

Merchant in Textiles

Commissionly and Merchant Service Providers

Save time by allowing Commissionly to manage residuals paid to your independent contractors.
What used to be a manual process and took several days now takes a quarter of the time.
Paul T. - Business Systems & Data Analyst

Product Features

  • Data Import Templates – Set up your field mapping for each Processor Transaction report format and save for future use.
  • Field Mapping – Map your data (eg Sales Team Members) to Transaction Identifiers (MIDs) once and have them auto-assigned when subsequent reports are loaded imported.
  • Data Adjustment – Adjust transaction data to remove in house costs before split calculations.
  • Matrix Commissions – Build a commission matrix of Processor Commissions / Product Commissions.
  • Tiered Commissions – Set Tiers as % of target or Monetary Value – Pay commissions as % of transaction value or Monetary amounts.
  • Full Commission Rules Engine with tiers, transaction filtering and formula builder to adjust transaction values.
  • Custom Reports – Reports and Downloads for use in other systems such as Sales, Payroll or BI Reporting
  • Transparent Dashboard – Payee / ISO / Agent Dashboard that can have their own dashboard showing commissions achieved.

Transparent Dashboard

Provide your Agents with transparency on fees and commission calculations.
Commissionly Dashboard is accessible to your Reps and Agents - let your salesforce see how much and where their commission is coming from.
Sales Commission Software

Sales Managers

Managers can use the dashboard to view their sales reps’ past and present commission payments and stay on top of their team’s performance overall, including a leader board to monitor top performers.

The dashboard is very flexible and user friendly providing easy access to compensation data, calculated in real time. Managers can switch between different months or years, see data for any specific period and view by individual rep or the entire team.

Sales Reps

Commissionly enables your reps to access their own private dashboard, anytime, anywhere. They get an instant visual on their performance which serves as a great motivator. Sales reps can review commissions earned for any given month, track the total sales they’ve made, how they are performing against their quotas, and compared to the broader team.


Unlike traditional spreadsheets which are susceptible to human error, automated software tracks and analyses raw sales data in a totally reliable and comprehensive way. However complex your operations, once the transactions report have been inputted, you can produce internal reports and commission payouts. 

Commission Reports

With our intelligent management data you can specify reports for different periods to see how your team has performed from one month to another or run reports that detail who is due their commission, exactly how much is to be paid and for which sales.

Custom Reports

If you have a special requirement for a report that is not already in our system, just let us know and we can create a custom report suited to your exact needs.


Commissionly empowers you to use process transaction data internally to drive growth in your business.


Reduce the time, effort, and costs of handling transaction reports in Excel: Commissionly will automate this process for you.


Effortlessly calculate all transaction-based commissions as well as hardware/software selling/leasing commissions.


Our easy to read commission and revenue reports give you transaction transparency: know where the money is coming to and from.


Create meaningful reports for your accountant dept, your reps, and the merchants you service. Provide your partners with convenience, improve customer experience and boost sales by ensuring professional quality and quick service.

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