We are driven by the desire to make a difference, to improve productivity by perfecting systems that positively impact ways of working.

At Commissionly, we help fulfil business potential by providing an affordable way to efficiently and effectively pay, and motivate your sales force.

Our story

Having spent many years as a sales director, Patrick understands the pain of calculating sales commissions. He thought that if the sales reps could spend as much time closing a deal as they do calculating their commission, everyone would be much happier. Looking around for a solution, Patrick realized that most applications were either very complex or very expensive.

We decided to create an application that most companies could afford and would be easy to set up.

As we developed the team we wanted something that is more than just off the shelf. We realized that the customers had very specific needs and we used their requirements to drive the development to the product.  As a result, we’ve built close relationships with our clients and at the same time, we started offering a product with features that can now be used by a wider community.

Our mission

We started as a solution for small to medium businesses because those are the companies that work under the most time pressure. However, as we developed, more enterprise customers have started to take notice.

Our clients come from a breadth of sectors and each of those have their own complexities when calculating commissions. Our goal is to simplify that process, improve automation and provide transparency for the sales reps. It is also to save our clients money by removing the risk of errors for manual management of the spreadsheets.

  • Simplifying the Process
  • Improving Automation
  • Providing Transparency

Commissionly is all about making commission payments intelligent and simple.

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Our team

Martin Baker

Founder & CEO

Martin has 25 years experience running business’s and advising SME’s. He has experience in building successful startups and as a senior manager in bluechip organisations. He holds an MBA from the Open Business School.

Patrick McCarthy

Co-Founder & CTO

Patrick has over a decades worth of sales experience in the heavy lifting world of corporate B2B and fast-moving B2C sales sectors. Also, a programmer, project manager, and general taskmaster Patrick is the one that gets things done.

Jay Zinabu


Jay has a strong business development background as well as franchise management and marketing management. He holds an International Business Management Masters from Bradford University School of Management and a BS in Business Administration from Truman State University.

Martin Reeve


Martin’s expertise is in adding value for clients, advising on options and building relationships. At Commissionly, he will help you understand how our product can improve your business and if you want to become Commissionly’s partner, Martin will walk you through the whole process and support you all the way.

Sue Sundstrom

Customer Success

Sue has experience both in managing marketing campaigns, service delivery teams, and project managing large infrastructure projects. At Commissionly, Sue is the Head of Customer Success. She will gather your requirements and liaise with the development team to manage the completion of your Commissionly setup. If you watch our tutorial videos or take part in one of our Commissionly webinars, Sue is the voice behind them all!

Gosia Jedrzejczak

Customer Support

Gosia is our Customer Success Specialist. She is a core part of the team and she helps onboard clients to get them up and running with Commissionly, and also offers personal support when needed. She is dedicated to excellent customer service and making sure our clients have everything they need to get the best ROI from Commissionly.

Customer experience with Commissionly

The biggest benefit that we have realised, is for the sales team to have instant access to their commission status and history, which we have found to be highly motivational.

Source: Capterra.com

We were tired of using spreadsheets (and the related pain) to manage commissions. Commissionly, just makes sense, no accidental data deletion, no lack of visibility or too much visibility, no manual data capturing, it is on demand and everyone is looking at the latest version of their commission.

Source: Capterra.com

“Simple, Affordable, Effective, Amazing”

I really like this software because it allows me to integrate it with the entire sales process of your business, it also allows you to validate all the orders that your clients make, I also like the type of Reports that the system issues, since they are easy to read and understanding, all this in order that you can make your monthly payments efficiently and on time.

Commissionly is undoubtedly the application that gives you the most complete solution you’ve been looking for. I like it a lot because it comes with an affordable price and the possibility to try it for free in order to familiarize yourself with it.

This system also allows each employee to verify their commission earned from their sales in real time, letting them see how close they are to meet their objectives.

This system issues complete reports that show you a historical record of the amount of commissions that have been made in the previous months to keep the accounting department up to date. 

Source: G2.com

Commissionly - Sales Commission Software

If you are a small to medium sized company and till date you calculate the commissions for your employees manually just because all the softwares out there are either very complex to use or come with a hefty price, then Commissionly is definitely the solution you have been looking for.

With a very small price on a contract free, monthly basis you can get this software to calculate the commissions for your employees. Every employee can check their commission real time and how close they are to meeting their targets.

The report also shows how much commission they made in the previous months to keep track of themselves.

On top of this, it also shows the employee their average commission compared to other employees for any specific month. You can easily import data from any source which makes it a lot easier instead of manually writing entries.

It also has a great CRM feature that comes in quite handy. For the employers or a manager, it is just as easy creating a target based on revenue or profit for the employers, a quick step by step wizard has been created that guides on how to create monthly or quarterly targets on a monthly or quarterly basis for your employees. Worst case scenario, if there is something you don’t seem to understand they have great customer support that will definitely solve any issues you might have. Highly Recommended! 

Source: Capterra.com

Why choose Commissionly?


Commissionly software integrates with most systems instantly


We can customize to meet your needs regardless of the complexity of the commission structures you are working within


Your fit for purpose solution is quickly implemented with exceptional online training videos available to ensure maximum advantage for your team


Throughout the process Commissionly is at hand, providing a stress-free switch that will transform the way you pay commission and enhance your business

Say Goodbye to spreadsheets forever and take your business to the next level!

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