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Intelligent commission payments, made simple.

Sales Commission Software

Fully automated sales commission software that saves you time and money, eliminates errors and improves your productivity.

Product Features

Varied Commission Structures

Use our simple wizard to create complex commissions whether they are flat or tiered, revenue, profit or product based.

Multi-currency Support

Choose a different currency for each sales rep or each deal as required, plus another one for your sales manager who receives overrides, all within the same system.

Sales Splits

With Commissionly, you can create split commissions for any opportunity and divide commission between individuals at the product level too.

Manager Overrides

Manager overrides are easily handled within Commissionly. They can be setup as part of any commission plan in just a few simple steps.


Calculate the remaining draw amounts as well as commission pay-outs and display the final commission amount, with the remaining draw in a report each month.

Adjustments and Clawbacks

Commissionly easily handles adjustments and clawbacks simply enter the amount and Commissionly will calculate the change automatically.

Dashboard and Reporting

The dashboard is flexible and user friendly providing easy access to compensation data, calculated in real time.

Seamless Integration

Commissionly integrates seamlessly with your data in CRM's, Invoicing and Accounting software. We can connect with any Rest API

Recurring Commissions

With the click of a button, you can set your commission to recurring – annual, monthly or quarterly as infinite or with finite dates.

Paid When Paid

Connect your invoicing or payment system and only pay out your commissions when you receive payment from customers.

Catch Up

Pay out monthly or quarterly catch up payments if targets are met by the end of the period.

Matrix Commissions

Use multiple variables to set up commission rates e.g. By product sold to different departments in the same company.

Target Required

Only pay commissions once the full target has been met.

Multistage Commissions

Pay commissions at different stages of your sales and delivery process to different payees.

Unpaid Commissions

Calculate your unpaid commissions to assess your outstanding commitment.

Criteria Filtering

Set commissions to pay only when criteria are met. Filter by any criteria in your opportunity or deal data.

Lookup Tables

Build relationships between your data feeds to create commissions from more than one data source. Link invoice data to the correct salesperson on your sales data via the Customer information.

Delayed Payment

Set a delay on when commissions are paid.


Commissionly Sales Commission Software integrates seamlessly

Tailored to your business

Commissionly Sales Commission Software is a fully customisable platform. Every business has different requirements for their commission payments.

Our team of commission specialists can build customised plans that match the needs of your business.

Solving commission payment challenges for your industry

Sales Commission Software


Our Matrix commission feature, provides a simple solution to a complex commission structure, with multiple variables, in the medical sector.

Sales Commission Software


Our sales commission software can work with your data to calculate commissions on multiple endpoints in real time.

Sales Commission Software

Insurance Services

We can import commission statements from Insurance product providers and calculate splits and house % to speed up end of month accounting

Sales Commission Software


Calculate commissions on your Pay and Bill Data. Automatically split commission payments. Set up different commission schemes for Permanent and Temporary

Sales Commission Software


Pay commission on recurring payments. Connect to your analytics platform to deduct churn from your commission payments.

Sales Commission Software

Financial Services

We can assist on paying commission on portfolio value, funds performance and new client generation.

How we do it

Software integration

Commissionly software integrates with most systems instantly

Tailored to your business

We can customize to meet your needs regardless of the complexity of the commission structures you are working within

Easy set-up

Your fit for purpose solution is quickly implemented with exceptional online training videos available to ensure maximum advantage for your team

Exceptional support

Throughout the process Commissionly is at hand, providing a stress-free switch that will transform the way you pay commission and enhance your business

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Our ratings and reviews


“A simple, stand-alone yet highly functional approach to managing commissions.”
Peter Gush. IT


“The app is fast, intuitive and easy to understand.”
Rowan L


“Simple, Affordable, Effective…Amazing.”

Quinn W. Director​

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